Demand increasing for staffing services in Georgia

As Georgia continues to set new records for jobs created and lowering unemployment, the job market has become increasingly competitive for employers trying to fill vacant positions.  Georgia’s State Labor Commissioner Mark Butler said that February was another record setting month for Georgia as the state reached new highs for jobs, employed residents and labor force.

Georgia posted 4.51 million jobs in February which is roughly 88,000 more jobs than at this time last year and an increase of 18,300 more jobs than last month.  The number of employed residents in Georgia is 4.89 million which is over 125,000 more than in February of 2017.   Our unemployment rate is holding fairly steady at 4.5%.  Last year at this time our state unemployment rate was 5.1%.  State unemployment claims have dropped 54% in the past month!

While this is certainly great news for our state, its citizens and our local economy, a talent shortage has been the result for our state’s employers.  It has become increasingly difficult to find employees for most occupations.  As unemployment numbers drop, the number of candidates in the job market declines obviously.  The net result of that is the number of open jobs is increasing and the ability to fill them is becoming much more difficult.  It has become a “Candidates’ Market” and this is a trend that is not just taking place in Georgia.  A currently employed or presently unemployed job seeker can now be much more selective in his or her decision to make a job change, due to the number of positions there are to choose from.

Mark Hyman is the President of Savannah Staffing and its parent company The River Group, Inc. located in Bluffton, SC.  ” It’s going to be a “tough row to hoe” going forward for employers in this hiring environment and the assistance of a staffing service can make a tremendous difference in a company’s hiring strategy this year.  Established staffing firms like Savannah Staffing and The River Group have been through this before and are well equipped to deal with the hiring challenges our customers are facing.”

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